Recommendations of cultural visits, sports and gastronomic activities that you can do near the rural house La Cabanya del Crous.

Excursions on foot near to the house 

  • Starting right from the house, you can visit once inhabited caves and rock shelters, located on the estate itself. (from 0.5h to 2h)
  • Morro de l’Abella. A bee-shaped rock with an amazing view of the Sau reservoir. (1.5h)
  • Barret d’en Parareda. Another rock formation with a singular shape – right in front of the house. (1.5h)
  • Rock shelter Balma de les Piques (1.5 h)
  • Mushroom-picking (in autumn): golden chanterelles near the house, saffron milk caps, yellow feet, woodwaxes, grey knights and so on. And at the end of the summer, fig trees will welcome you with their ripe fruit.
  • Bird-watching. Birds of prey with their eyries built in the surrounding cliffs, including the rarely seen Egyptian vulture. High resolution binoculars will be available.
  • Night walks. At night, chances are you will encounter a wild boar during your walk. And if you are an early riser, you may well catch a glimpse of a feeding roe deer. 

Excursions just a short drive away

  • The Molí Bernat Waterfall is a striking feature of the area, best seen from the Rock Shelter rightbehind.A 5-minute drive and then on foot.
  • The Sanctuary of Cabrera, on top of a 1,300m high cliff, offers you a superb view of the counties of Osona, la Garrotxa, el Ripollès, in fact all the way to the Eastern Pyrenees. A 20-minute drive, followed by a 1.5h walk and climb up its famous steps carved out of the very cliff rock. At the weekend, a restaurant will welcome you with a typical Country Paella. 
  • La Foradada, in Cantonigrós, is a rock pool named after a natural cavity into which a waterfall ends its course. A 10-minute drive, followed by a one-hour walk.
  • The Beech Woods of Cantonigrós invite you to a leisurely stroll among their majestic trees. A 10-minute drive.
  • El Far Sanctuary is located on top of some spectacular cliffs and overlooks the Montdois Plain. A 45-minute drive.

 Mountain bike excursion

  •  Access to a wide range of bike trails with varying levels of technical difficulty, including circular routes departing from the house itself. In this area more than 3,000 cyclists gather for the annual Cabrerès bike race.

Cultural activities

  • Visit to The Magical World of Trains
  • Visit to VIC, and more particularly its market on Tuesdays and Saturdays, the Episcopal Museum of Romanesque Art, the Cathedral and the old quarters. A 25 km/30 minute drive away.
  • Visit to TAVERTET and RUPIT. Very well preserved villages with houses whose origin can be traced as far back as the XVII and XVIII centuries. Tavertet, with its quaint Romanesque church, lies 6 km away, while Rupit, 15 km away, can be reached following a trail from Tavertet with bewitching views over the Sau and Susqueda reservoirs.


  • A restaurant that will surprise you : Ca L'Ignasi or Ca La Laia (Cantonigrós)
  • Vic, Tavertet, Rupit and Cantonigrós all boast excellent restaurants, with menus ranging from 15€ to 60€ per head at the weekend. We recommend you purchase the local botifarra (a type of Catalan pork sausage) at the supermarket in Cantonigrós, where it is prepared by Gracieta according to an ancient recipe – unbeatable! The same could be said for the llonganissa (a type of cured pork sausage) from Vic, and the bread and coca (a type of flat bread with sweet or savoury toppings) from Rupit.